Lockdowns are ordered when there is a potential or present threat on campus. An example of an event that would necessitate a lockdown is an active shooter or assailant on campus.

How to prepare

  • If you are a student, faculty, or staff member, make sure your information is updated in Banner Self Service to ensure you receive all NinerNotice and NinerAlerts messages.
  • Campus visitors and families can sign up here.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times, which includes being aware of the exits near you.
  • Participate in ALICE training conducted by campus police.

What to do during a lockdown

  • If a lockdown is ordered due to an active assailant:
    • RUN: If you are outside or in a building and feel that it is safe to flee, run and find protective cover.
    • HIDE: If you are in a building and unsure of where the threat is, find the closest room in which to hide. Close and lock the doors or barricade them if they do not lock. Close all the window blinds and hide away from the windows and doors. DO NOT answer the door. Remain hidden until notified it is safe to move by University officials.
    • FIGHT: This is a last-resort option! Do not seek the assailant. However, if you come into direct contact with the individual, use any means available to you to defend yourself.
  • If you have important information related to the incident, call the UNC Charlotte Police Department at 704-687-2200.

What to expect during a campus or building lockdown

  • If a lockdown is ordered, campus buildings will be locked immediately. Swipe access will not allow you into buildings.
  • If the threat that caused the lockdown requires police response (such as an active shooter or assailant) you may witness increased police presence on campus. Such police presence could be from campus police, officers from CMPD, FBI personnel, SWAT teams or other such entities. You may also witness emergency medical staff and equipment.
  • Once a lockdown is enforced, the campus may be swept by these emergency response teams and rooms may be broken into and evacuated. If you are locked in a room and hear response teams, back away from the door(s). Free your hands of any objects, phone included, and place them in the air. Follow the directives of the response teams.
  • Depending on the severity of the event, you could expect to see response teams in full tactical gear, which may include guns drawn, battering rams, shields and body armour. Keep in mind, these teams are there to protect you, not harm you.
  • During a lockdown event, NinerAlerts will be issued on a frequent basis as information becomes available. You should follow the directives of these alerts for safety.

Lockdown Kits

Classrooms that do not lock or are not on swipe access are equipped with lockdown kits. The kits and instructions for use are located near the teaching podium or the classroom safety sign. If you discover an issue with a lockdown kit, complete this form. More information about lockdown kits is available in the video below.