The University has established plans to respond to emergencies, which includes certain response teams and locations. Such locations may include:

  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) – a gathering place for emergency personnel to discuss and execute an emergency plan
  • Joint Information Center (JIC) – a gathering place for key communicators to disseminate messages to the campus and media during an emergency
  • Family Assistance Center (FAC) – an established location for families and loved ones to gather during an emergency if they cannot locate someone that may be on campus during an emergency

The University has established communication channels to report out any emergency information. Such channels include:

  • NinerNotices and NinerAlerts – messages sent to the campus community during a potential emergency situation to notify the campus community of a potential or current emergency. Learn more about NinerNotices and NinerAlerts.
  • Social media – follow @NinerAlerts on Facebook and Twitter for the latest NinerAlerts messages
  • Alertus – a computer takeover announcement that will notify all campus network computers of an ongoing threat to campus

The University follows a process in determining the risk of threats and when and how to act on them. Learn more about that decision-making process.