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The UNC Charlotte Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is an office within the Department of Safety and Security. The office is responsible for coordinating efforts related to the four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. OEM assists the UNC Charlotte community in preparing for, responding to and recovering from any type of emergency that could negatively impact the Institution.

Emergency Preparedness


NinerAlerts will help keep you informed and safe during an emergency. Make sure you are signed up to receive notifications. 


NinerNotices will help keep you informed and safe during an emergency. Make sure you are signed up to receive notifications. 


Being NinerReady begins with you. Make sure you know what to do if you receive an emergency alert.


A lockdown is ordered if there is a potential or present threat to campus, like an active assailant. When you get this alert, you will be told to RUN, HIDE, FIGHT


A building evacuation is ordered for a particular campus building(s) campus. A campus evacuation is ordered during events affecting all or most of campus.

Seek Shelter

Events such as tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, flash flooding or hazardous material releases can all result in a seek shelter order.